ArtsCow: Arts for the un-artsy

At first, I really wasn’t minding the quiet buzz on that was going on in some mommy circles. I’m not very crafty, never been into digital scrapbooking, got no talent in the Arts department at all. Zilch.

But the moment I gave in and installed Silverlight (the application needed for the art editing feature to run), arrgh, that was it. I was hooked and found myself working on projects into the wee hours.

Anyway, the first fruits of my ArtsCow labor arrived last week! I made my kids and myself some notepads. I also made a small photobook aptly titled “iMom’s Little Monsters”.

These things look complicated, don’t they? But all you really have to do is find a good template, and photos with good resolution. And you’re all set… Oh yeah, it does eat up a lot of time too.

I love the free shipping promos because that’s a lot of savings. Despite the relatively cheap price, the quality of both printing and paper are excellent. Yep, these works of love make great gift ideas for Christmas.

Go on and let the ArtsCow bug bite you. You won’t regret it. Teehee. 😀


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5 thoughts on “ArtsCow: Arts for the un-artsy

  1. Just recently I was at this occasion na wala akong kilala. This person I just met, we talked about…you’re right…arts cow. This person is really very excited about this. Ang alam ko lang yung Php40 na bayad sa post office yata yun, thanks to …what is it your plurk or fb update?

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