Are you ready to get dunked as a Human OREO??

Yep, human OREO!

My kids won a ticket to the OREO Get Dunked event that’s happening in several malls soon. We won the ticket by completing the Twist, Lick, Dunk game at All by my pathetic gaming-challenged self, I would never have finished the game. But my kids, wired for gaming as they are, easily figured the game out. And so they also easily completed all the levels!

So what’s gonna happen at the OREO Get Dunked event? Parent-and-kid tandems (Yikes, kasali ako????) will have the chance to bond by diving/jumping/leaping together on to a velcro wall!  Now, that’s bonding in the truest sense, haha! Who says families need to spend a fortune and and go on a holiday getaway (such as an exciting Branson vacation) to bond?

There will also be other activities, such as face painting, Find the Word Game Booth, and the Sticky Dart Booth. It’s going to be a fun day of bonding between parents and kids,  for sure!

If you would like to be part of OREO Get Dunked, head on to the following malls on these dates:

SM Megamall (August 29)

Trinoma (September 12)

Market! Market! (September 26)

Festival Mall (October 3)

For more information, and if you want to get a free ticket to the Get Dunked wall, head on to Nao na!

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