Are you a child of the ’80s?

I’m not. But, in the words of American Idol contestant David Cook (oh yeah, I do watch now 😛 ), I’m a victim of older siblings.

During the 80s, I was just a vulnerable little girl who grew up alongside three older sisters. They sang, danced, breathed, lived the 80s life.

I remember their big hair-dos, the leg-warmers ala-Olivia Newton John, the ultra-skinny baston jeans that required some sort of a lubricant (such as a plastic bag over the foot) for the pants to get through. I remember the nights sister no. 3 sneaked out to disco with her friends ’til the wee morning hours (background music: Tiffany‘s “I Think We’re Alone Now”). Oooh, and I remember the punk getups: huge belts, cuffs, and collars with metal studs. I remember drooling and wondering when it will be my turn to wear them. hehe, a Goth-iMom...

If there is one lasting effect the 80s had on me, it was the music. I go gaga over 80s music. My subconscious mind was filled with it. I remember sister no. 1 writing down the lyrics of Madonna‘s “Crazy for You” and singing with Madonna (super-emote moment) whenever the music video came up on TV. Of course, I will never forget Depeche Mode‘s “Somebody”, because my first boyfriend sang it to me over the phone (super-kilig moment).

So why the sudden ’80s nostalgia? Two reasons:

1. Today is Friday, and I only listen to one radio station on Fridays: Magic 89.9 FM. All Friday long is Friday Madness. On the way from the gym earlier, the station played songs by Swing Out Sister, Mike Francis, Lionel Richie. It’s music that makes mad Friday traffic in Manila bearable – even enjoyable. As I blog now, I’m listening through its online broadcast.

2. Several artists from the 80s era are coming to Manila for concerts – Swing out Sister (April 7, Araneta Coliseum), and Toto (April 3, also in Araneta). OMG! I want tickets to these concerts. Okay, that’s too much wishful thinking. It would be hard to choose between the two, but I love the legendary Toto more. There’s some news too that Depeche Mode and When In Rome are coming to town, courtesy of Friday Madness. There’s no definite date yet though.

Whether you’re a child of the 80s, or a victim of older siblings like I am, I’m sure you’re getting all excited now too. 😀

10 thoughts on “Are you a child of the ’80s?

  1. marami akong paboritong kanta noon, na paborito ko pa rin hanggang ngayon. ang first favorite ko was you remember me. 😀 at ang kanta para sa crush ko ay i miss you 😀 at saka
    may tape ako ni debbie gibson 😀 and i used a net-type of headband 😀

  2. I am a proud child of the 80’s!! I lived it all..hahaha. Pinagdaanan ko lahat. Punkista, pa-preppy, pa-bagets, pa-japanese, pa-british,pa-madonna. I had the big hair, the spiked hair, gel, hairspray. Fasyon? Naku..baston, longback,shoulder pads, sperry, loafers, tretorns, saucony, brooks..yakk!! Btw, girlfriend talaga ako ni John Taylor noon…hehehe 🙂

  3. Supposedly e 90’s ako pero like you I identify with the 80’s dahil sa mga sisters ko. Cyndi Lauper vs Madonna, Spandau Ballet vs Duran Duran.

    At ang akala ko American silang lahat haha Malay ko bang ang English e tao not spoken language?? hehe

    My sister used to ask me to help her out of the baston jeans! Tuwang tuwa naman ako. Mga boys naman sa class ko feeling Bagets at may pa-gang gang pa kunwari.

    Love your post. Hubby is big on 80’s music. Sobrang dami na nga nang CD nya.

  4. Love the Depeche! You know I’m all over those ’80s songs during karaoke nights with the cousins…hint hint! I will have to get your sister no. 1 to sing “Crazy For You” the next time she’s here… 🙂

  5. I am a child of the 80s too, Rival kami ni Cookie ke John Taylor. I have had cassette tapes of the New Wave and now I have an MP3 cd of New Wave diaries which you could play for hours on end without touching the remote and yes… New Wave rules!

    I remember singing the “Crazy For You” in a Miss UN contest that my teachers asked me to join. Of course, I didn’t win. Ngarag ako that time, having joined a literary contest in the morning of the same day. Naku, bakit ba nasabi ko ito. 😀

  6. Hi Chat,

    I am so a child of the 80’s — that decade represented all my ‘dancing’ years. I remember the big hair falling flat after a night of the swing, with your feet swelling after taking the 3-inch heels off.

    Frosted pink lipstick, hair gel, hair spray, first time we heard of mousse, the preppy handbook, argyle socks, funky earrings, and those shoulder pads that you could use as travel pillows by just tilting your head to one side.

    Thanks for making me remember 40 pounds ago!

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