Another Good Weekend

The third quarter report cards came out last Friday. Hooray! Both my girls VGood and Patchy made it to the honor roll. For Patchy it’s a normal occurrence (naks, yabang!). But for VGood, it’s enough reason for a celebration! You see, VGood has great artistic inclinations – she has a strong voice with good singing potential (ala-Sylvia La Torre! LOL), loves drawing and creating stuff, and loves dismantling stuff more! Give her crayons and paper, she will happily scribble houses and sunny gardens. But let her read or write… uhm… don’t count on it!

So happy and surprised were hubby and I, we decided to reward both of them (even if a few of Ms P’s grades went down). Last night, hubby bought a cake to celebrate. We did not know what song to sing though (V: “Are we going to sing happy birthday?”).

Today, we brought the kids to Fun Ranch, a newly-opened place for kids right beside Tiendesitas. The place is on its dry-run phase, so some stores and facilities are not open yet. Aside from a restaurant and a few food and trinket stalls, there is a big indoor playground (much like Kids At Work), where the girls had so much fun climbing and sliding. I forgot what the place is called… Active Fun or something that sounds like it. (Sorry, seems like I’ve only a few functioning neurons left after delivering 3 kids!). Entrance fee for one child is Php170.00 for an hour or Php350.00 for the whole day.

The Magnate was happy to sit and watch from his stroller, snacking on his hands, while iMom snapped away.

It was a good weekend. How was yours? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Another Good Weekend

  1. Congratulations to VGood and Patchy. Having a cake was a nice way to celebrate their achievements.

    I heard about Fun Ranch from my friends. I haven’t been there with my son yet because it’s a bit far from our place but my husband and I plan to go there soon. Heard nice comments about the place esp. the big slides.

    Thanks for the photos. It gave me an idea about what it looks like. I’m sure it’s a wonderful place for the kids.

  2. Hi!:) DO you happen to know the contact details (phone number or website address or email) of Fun Ranch? Thanks! 🙂

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