Angel’s Pizza delivery

Angel’s pizza delivery – pepperoni
Angel's pizza delivery - pepperoni

This is a test post. My dearest, ever-thoughtful Hub gave me an HTC Desire HD android phone two days ago. (“Just because…” daw. Ang haba ng hair ko!)
I am currently busy exploring ze new toy, installing apps and games.
Of course I installed the WordPress for Android app, and it’s what I am using now to write this. I also installed Photoshop Express for basic photo editing (cropping, contrast, brightness, etc) and a free watermarking app.
So yeah, this blog entry was entirely created using Android technology. Cool eh?
Anyway, the family ordered pizza after dinner tonight. It is not quite midnight yet, so it can’t be midnight snack. Hehe.

We recently discovered Angel’s Pizza and are loving it. I have a VIP card which we use to avail of buy-1-get-1 promo on pizzas. Angel’s Pizza delivery number is 922-2222.

As i type this, I realize I can’t create hyperlinks… And my hands are going numb… And my fingers are so fat I keep tapping on the wrong key.
So I should hit the publish button now. 😀

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