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Ally’s All Day Breakfast | Maginhawa Food Trip

My family is always on the hunt for great breakfast places. We’ve gone back several times to Ally’s All Day Breakfast Place on Malingap Street, Quezon City. Malingap Street is right off Maginhawa Street, Quezon City’s foodie strip.

Because the girls in this family have the sweet tooth, we simply love the pancakes, crepes and french toasts of Ally’s. The boys – well they eat anything and everything (except if Nate’s allergic to it).ally's all day breakfast

Ally’s on Malingap Street used to be in a super small space. Our first attempts to eat there were unsuccessful, because either there were no tables or no parking available. But, hooray! Several months ago, Ally’s moved to a bigger and better space with lots of parking, just down the same street.

good morning ally's all day breakfast menu

Ally’s All Day Breakfast claims to have the best pancakes in town. I might have to agree.

(So far, Ihop and Slappy Cakes were so-so for me. Pancake House was, until Ally’s, my favorite pancake place.)

toffee banana pancakes ally's all day breakfast

The Toffee Banana Pancakes (Php250.00) is our all-time favorite. It has three thick and fluffy layers of pancakes, topped with sliced bananas, chopped almonds and generous drizzling of caramel syrup. A scoop of vanilla ice cream on top seals the deal!

huge pancakes for sharing ally's allday breakfast

See how big that is? We’d usually divide the pancakes into 4, and we all still get a lot of the good stuff.

strawberry cream cheese french toast ally's all day breakfast

My next favorite sweet item at Ally’s All Day Breakfast is the Strawberry Creme Cheese French Toast (Php150.00). This has 2 slices of french toasts smothered with strawberry preserve, and topped with cream cheese and a dollop of whipped cream.

creme brulee french toast ally's all day breakfast

V, the sweetest of the sweet toothed ones in this family, ordered this Creme Brulee French Toast (Php150.00). It’s too sweet for me. The crunch of that burnt sugar on the bread was good though.

cadbury pancrepe ally's all day breakfast

The Cadbury Pancrepe (Php150.00) is also on the too-sweet side. V loves it.

Now on to the savory offerings of Ally’s All Day Breakfast –

shirred eggs sausage tomato ally's all day breakfast

The Shirred Eggs with Sausage and Tomato (Php130) was surprisingly good. The tomato sauce’s tartness was balanced by the perfectly runny eggs and the savory sausage. I really didn’t care for the grated cheese that came along with it. This is good value for its price.

Rellenong bangus ally's all day breakfast

The Rellenong Bangus (Php250.00) is one of Ally’s best-sellers (and apparently, Kris Aquino’s favorite). Two pieces of stuffed bangus, 2 eggs and a cup of rice – this serving is good for 2 to share. I liked the relleno, because I am Pinoy na Pinoy! Hubs, however, wasn’t too fond of it. He had the Vigan Longganisa Breakfast (Php150.00) instead –

vigan longganisa ally's all day breakfast

Again the eggs are perfectly cooked. But hubs felt that the longganisa pieces were too small or too few. Taste-wise though – it was very good.

Nate had Bacon oh Bacon Breakfast (Php150.00), with eggs served on the side as we requested, because Nate is allergic to eggs. Again, the taste was good but we were expecting somehow thicker slices of bacon.

bacon oh bacon ally's all day breakfast

Everything’s cooked to order, so of course food serving time takes a bit of a while, though not that long. Around 10 to 20 minutes of wait is okay with me, so long as the restaurant makes it worth my while. Big plus for big families like us is the value for money. We’d always leave Ally’s feeling sooooo full, but without spending so much.

Ally’s All Day Breakfast is at the 2nd floor, 22 Malingap Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. It recently opened a branched at the Rock, Don Antonio, Holy Spirit Drive, Quezon City.

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