VGood has been having these super-itchy patches on the skin folds behind the knees and elbows, and
on her back. I had a suspicion of what it was, but was on denial. I’d apply a steroid cream and the itch would go away… for a while, that is.

So today the doctor confirms my suspicions: skin asthma! It’s not surprising, since I myself used to have it during childhood, and Baby Magnate is also very atopic. The most probable cause would be allergenic food – chicken, fish, eggs, peanuts, chocolates, hotdog, Ma-ling (any food with arificial preservatives). Save for peanuts, VGood loves all of the above! 🙁

She was prescribed two anti-allergy meds (one she will use for 2 weeks, the other for 2 months) and a topical cream for the “itchy ootchies” as VGood calls them. On top of the meds, my dear daughter will be on diet for three months! Yup, no fried chicken (or any other kind of chicken), no hotdog, no chocolates, no eggs, no fish… for three months! Boohoohoo! How will we survive Christmas?? Wish us luck, friends.

2 thoughts on “Allergic!

  1. That’s a lot of no stuff. Seafoods seems okay so why not stock up on that? Or cook different viands of beef and pork.


  2. Hi Kay! fish and seafood not allowed too (anything from saltwater). I guess she will learn to eat her veggies now.. 🙂
    Thanks for droppin by!

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