All Day Cafe | Banawe Food Crawl

My family loves going all the way to Banawe Street to get our Chinese food fix. Lately, the Banawe area is becoming more diverse, with more restaurants offering fare other than Chinese. All Day Cafe is, as the name says it, an all-day breakfast cafe located on D. Tuazon Street near Banawe.

Our group of volleyball moms met up for brunch at All Day Cafe last December.

Aside from having daughters who play volleyball, our common denominator is: love for food! 😀

all day cafe banawe food trip_al fresco dining

This beautifully made blackboard greets guests, and makes for a nice photo wall (if you have daughters like ours, who selfie/groufie like pros. :P)

all day cafe banawe food trip_dining and counter

The best-selling breakfast item at All Day Cafe, I was told by the server, is the US Beef Tapa (Php170). Because I don’t eat beef, I will have to trust my friend who said the tapa was indeed tender and flavorful.

all day cafe banawe food trip_US beef tapa

I had Boneless Bangus with sunny side up egg, and garlic fried rice (Php150). The fish was was garlicky but not very salty, which is my preference. As you can see, that is one ginormous whole bangus! all day cafe banawe food trip_boneless bangus breakfast

I noticed that one of us, mommy C, likes sausages, because she ordered sausage on at least two occasions, and this was one of those. 😛 This is the Kielbasa Sausage with red wine vinegar sauce (Php150).

all day cafe banawe food trip_kielbasa sausage

The Seafood Pasta Arrabiata (Php175) had a generous serving, and wasn’t very spicy.

all day cafe banawe food trip_seafood pasta arabiatta

I remember that I liked the Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini (Php150), with tender chicken fillet and flavorful pesto.

all day cafe banawe food trip_grilled chicken pesto panini

One of the daughters ordered this Ice Blended Oreo Cookie (Php130) served in a mason jar.

all day cafe banawe food trip_ice blended oreo cookie

And the mommies shared a slice of chocolate dome cake and a couple of Jameson’s Gelato scoops –

all day cafe banawe food trip_chocolate dome cake all day cafe banawe food trip_jamesons gelato

Over-all, the food was good – we liked everything we ordered. The prices aren’t bad either. The service slowed down a bit during our visit because it was full house, and there were only 2 servers manning the dining area. All day cafe volleyball moms

All Day Cafe on D. Tuazon Street is a good option instead the usual congee and dimsum breakfast at the usual Chinese joints. 😀

All Day Cafe is located on the ground floor of the Holiday Spa Building. Parking and wifi available. Contact details and more info at their Facebook Page.

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