Affordable gift ideas at Papemelroti

The other day, I met up with a friend at Chocolate Kiss because our husbands decided to make us couriers for each other. (Ang suswerte ng husbands namin, ‘no? haha) Anyway, I was early so I decided to look around the Papemelroti store. Good thing I brought my kids’ gift list for their friends. I always find affordable gift ideas here.

Papemelroti is one of those stores that I just love to go to, and go through over and over. There’s always an “aha!” moment –  seeing something nice that I did not see before.

I remember last year, I bought Patch’s gifts here too –  small planners and notebooks. I love Papemelroti notebooks. And the planners are practical gifts for kids –  teach them time management at an early age.

Here’s what I bought for my daughter’s friends –

affordable gift ideas Papemelroti planners notebooks

Notebooks and planners again. hehehehe. Patch says her friends like them anyway so, here’s more for the new year!

Other stuff at Papemelroti that’s fun to give to girl friends are –  2010 calendars, stationery sets, scrapbooks and scrapbooking accessories, country inspired bric-a-brac for the home, photo frames, and beautiful boxes. Yes, boxes! I love those beautiful boxes that are vey useful in organizing a space.

Prices are budget-friendly at Papemelroti. Here is where to look for affordable gift ideas.  Above all, buying Papemelroti means you’re buying Filipino. And that’s always good for us.

5 thoughts on “Affordable gift ideas at Papemelroti

  1. I’ve been using Papemelroti notebooks since high school. My friend and I used to write quotes there. And the planners are really something. I currently use their mini planner, always in bag so it’s easy to bring. Plus their items are made from recycled materials so it’s an extra bonus.

    I think the paper making kit is a great gift for kids. Also helps them be creative.

  2. Hi iMom! I love Papemelrotti! Thanks for sharing this post. I also purchase Papemelrotti cards, stationery and cartons way back in highschool and I recently got myself a 2010 planner. ^_^

  3. I was once a Papemelroti addict. Bumibili ako pero di ko ginagamit hanggang sa dumating ang isang araw na nainlab ako ng todo, ayun sa kanya ko lahat inubos yun at di kami nagkatuluyan LOL!

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