Advise for the Job Seeker – Make a good first impression

It’s the graduation season, and as we often hear during these times, “nadagdagan na naman ang unemployed.”

For the new college graduates, job hunting may seem like a daunting task. I remember back in my days – the way to go was leafing through classified ads of the newspaper, cutting out prospective ads, and sending out resumes by snail mail to each company. Believe me, young people (eww, makes me sound so old), the task of job-hunting these days is in a better state. Applying for jobs online is the way to go, and you must take advantage of its ease of use. There are many online job portals offering various opportunities such as banking jobs.

Because online application is so convenient, naturally there are more competitors out there, with more impressive backgrounds and credentials. So how do you go about online application?

I’ve had my share of applicant-screening in my previous job and in my husband’s company. And this is one principle that, I realized, sticks – first impressions matter. From my viewpoint, a presentable photo and a well-written resume will get you the proper attention. I am not saying physical appearance is the highest qualification. But when I see a shabby looking applicant, who seems to have gotten up fresh from bed to the studio – ¬†hmmmm. Okay, I may take time to read the personal background. If I see errors in basic grammar or spelling- ¬†Sorry, next applicant please!

My point is – I will not employ someone who does not strive to put his/her best foot forward even as an applicant.

So whether you’re applying face-to-face or online, always strive to make a good first impression. That is what will get attention to you anyway. And once you have the attention of your prospect employer, go ahead and dazzle.

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