A Week in Baguio

Here are some of our photos during the wonderful week my family spent in cool Baguio. Despite being summer, weather up there is still so pleasant, or rather, still relatively cold especially in the evening. It doesn’t help that I’m sweltering in Manila heat as I write this. Hay, I miss my Baguio.

(I just discovered this new feature on Photobucket, Remix, that allows you to create movies or slides with audio, transition options, captions and the works! I had fun doing this. I hope you enjoy it too!)

UPDATE: If you can’t view the slides, please click here.

7 thoughts on “A Week in Baguio

  1. Galing! I love your video/presentation, the music is really cool too. You have such lovely kids and they seem to really have had loads of fun out there in Baguio, to think we used to live there while for them it’s just a place to have vacation.

  2. HI toni! Sent you an email, check baka it went to your spam folder again 😛

    Oh how we took Baguio for granted while we were still living there, right? of course we never went boating in Burnham, yikes! God forbid somebody sees us- so baduy hahaha! But now my kids love it because there’s nowhere else like it.

  3. Baguio was my youth’s summer holiday. My family plans to go there end of this month. I wonder why I could not play and view the pictures. I will try again, and hopefully, I am lucky.

  4. Hi sexy mom! I posted the link for you and those who may be unable to view the slides on this page.
    Have a great trip to Baguio. If you haven’t been there in a while, go to Lisa’s i-baguio.com for tips. For starters, there’s number-coding there na rin similar to what we have in Manila, except that it’s 7am-7pm, no window, ack!

  5. It says “not available at this time.” Will try again. Baguio is nice to contemplate this time of the year. Pero it must be swarming with people. We went to Tagaytay during the Holy Week and it was real chilly. It is supposed to be cooler there but not that COOOLD. I think it was an aberration.

  6. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos taken during your trip. Cool music. Everyone looks great and it’s nice to see that you had a terrific time. I absolutely love the cute bonnet of Magnate. I like the bubble thoughts too. 🙂

  7. hi chats, good thing you provided a link to the slideshow. i visited this post of yours the other day but i can’t seem to view the slideshow, 🙁 like anamanila, my browser says “no available at this time”. i’ll be following the link you provided in a while.

    nevertheless, it’s good to know your family had a wonderful vacation in your hometown! sarap talaga to go to the north during summertime. ang init sa Manila, grabe!

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