A V-Day in iMoM’s Life

V-day did not start very well for me.

I woke up to a dry tap – no water!?? But there wasn’t even an advisory from the village office… Ate J (our helper) says the water supply must have just been turned off, as she was able to do the laundry earlier. Great, so they just waited for me to wake up… Oh well, I had to make the best out of half a pail of water.

After bringing VGood to school, I got into my car which was parked properly (I wasn’t blocking any gates or vehicles) by the side of the street.
To cut the long story short, a car backed up on my car. The damage wasn’t big – no dent, but there was a foot-long scratch on the newly painted bumper! (Just had it repaired a few months back and was really loving the fresh new shine on my old car, duh!)
I looked at the driver; he was looking at me, not in an apologetic way. Before I could say a word, he sped away! What the… !!
I wasn’t going to let him pay for it or bring the matter to the police. I’m never like that with minor car incidents. I rarely make a big deal and waste my/other people’s time over a tiny, almost-invisible scratch. (Think of the traffic you’d be causing and those who will end up late for work!) So most of the time I just let it go.
But, at the very least, the guy should have been decent enough to apologize. At the most, he should have allowed me to vent out a bit of the steam on him! (hehe)
I was fuming so I texted my hubby about it. Hubby’s reply: “That’s okay. Just let it go. Love you.”
Sigh. I recite the mantra: “I am refocused. I am calm.” *takes 3 deep breaths*
What would I do without him? He’s not perfect; Gawd, far from it! But he balances me. He talks sense into me. He is often the voice of reason. In many ways we are different, but I now realize that a couple doesn’t have to be alike to have a successful relationship.
So to my hubby: thank you for all that you have taught me. Thank you for being patient and teaching me patience. Thank you for teaching me simplicity and contentment. Thank you for teaching me that things are just things; there are more that matter.
And now that I’m at it, let me take this further…
Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for loving me in your own unique ways.
Thank you for the past 11 years. It’s been a long road – often exhausting, sometimes frustrating.
Thank you for working so hard to ensure a good future for our family. You have provided for us well.
And lastly, thank you for these flowers you gave me during my birthday last year. See, I took photos of it because I wanted to preserve its memory forever. (I’ve a feeling it’s gonna be a while!) 😀

Postscript: Hubby and I did not go on a date on Vday (as usual). Neither were there flowers (as usual). He even came home late because he had to do some errands for his mom, and in a bad mood because he’s tired and been working sooo hard the past days. Oh well… Another day in the life…

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7 thoughts on “A V-Day in iMoM’s Life

  1. wow how sweet naman of hubby for texting “…love you”. these reassuring words were no doubt a relief to Wives and Moms. it’s like everyday’s a V-day at moments like the story you posted.

    thanks for sharing. very inspiring.

  2. Hi Feng! Madaling patawarin si hubby for not giving me flowers on Vday because he always says i love you naman. Compensated ba!? hehe

  3. how sweet! hearing “i love you” from your hubby work wonders. any gesture, great or small, so long it is pure heart’s intention is enough to inspire us wives.

  4. Your husband is so cool headed. There are just some things we need to let go. He completes you with that kind of balance in temperament.

  5. Hi Belle. I agree with you. that phrase works wonders!

    Hi Noemi! I’m really thankful that he is cool-headed. Indeed, he balances me because I have suplada/maldita tendencies! LOL 😛

  6. Sorry to hear that your Valentine’s Day didn’t start well. Shame on that driver who drove away without the decency of apologizing.

    Your husband seems to be a cool tempered guy. It’s nice that he balances you. A relationship based on give and take always flourishes. Take care!

  7. I had a similar incident not too long ago, and I totally lost my cool. Be glad that guy saved you from losing yours. hehe! great hubs you have for staying cool. Vday is not just one day naman eh, it’s every day that you love each other.

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