A spankin’ new theme!

Welcome to my new look!

I’ve been wanting to change my theme but there hasn’t been enough time or energy to do it while I was still working. So when I finally quit my work-from-home job, one of the projects I set out to do was to update my blog.

Although I loved my old WordPress theme, especially how SEO-friendly it was, the look was getting a bit too old. It was time to update it!

It happened accidentally. I was chatting with one of the winners in a recent blog contest I hosted for Potentilla Diffusers. Yvie happens to be  an artist and web designer and I’ve known her in the past few years through social media circles. (Facebook connects indeed!)

And so we discussed online, exchanged ideas and emails, designs went back and forth, until she finally came up with this custom WordPress theme for Imom Online! And I am so loving it.

The design

The colors reflect my personality. Aside from black (due to its slimming visual effect, hehe), I love blue, green, and red. The feel of the theme is vibrant and friendly, which I am too… really! (I am friendly; you just have to get past the feeling that I am taray because of my facial features. :P)

Why paper cranes, you may ask. I have never done paper cranes before (though V has. Once.)

Paper cranes are an Asian symbol, specifically Japanese. In Asia, cranes represent happiness, good luck and peace. It is said that if a bride or groom folds a thousand paper cranes before their wedding, they will have a happy marriage.

Also –

The crane is strong, graceful and beautiful… Folding of a crane takes time, patience and understanding.  These same qualities are vital for a happy marriage. (Source)

So there’s the parenting blog connection! Raising a family and keeping a marriage, as well as maintaining a blog, take time, patience and a lot of loving.

There’s still so much work to be done. I have a lot of cleaning up inside the dashboard to do. But I am really, really very happy to be wearing a new look! Next big step is to start blogging more.

Thank you, Yvie, for all the love and patience that went into designing this theme!


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