A Mother’s Love…

… is:

1. most evident during times of sickness.

2. most terribly missed when the sick person is a daughter-turned-mother.

I realized these two weeks ago as an insatiable germ ravaged through my household. When my two girls got sick at the same time, it was of course I who took care of them round-the-clock. Hubby tried his very best to help, especially when both ran high fevers simultaneously. But he was often so tired from work, he’d fall asleep even before he finished giving his patient a sponge bath.

And then, it was my turn to get sick- the most terrible part. For who takes care of mothers when they get sick? Don’t get me wrong. Husbands are wonderful; and I know mine did his best to be helpful and caring. But, well, I suppose they are he is not wired for gentle, motherly TLC-ing.

So, on those three nights that I was delirious with fortyish fever, I found myself softly crying:

*sniff, sniff* “Mama… huhuhu… Maaaa… huhuhu… Mamaaaa!”

I suddenly missed her.

A mother’s love one never outgrows. Even when I am 80, I will always look back to those days when my Mama showed extraordinary patience and selfless love.

To my dear Mama: Happy Mother’s Day! I miss you. I hope we will be able to come visit with the kids before summer vacation ends.

Mama and Nate, Christmas 2006

Mama and Nate (Christmas 2006)

And to all mothers in the world: thank you for making this world better, one child at a time.

Happy Mother’s Day!

15 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love…

  1. Your mother must be so proud to have such a caring, loving daughter. I know just what you mean about missing Mom when you’re sick. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.


  2. am glad you are well now (or are you still recovering). happy mother’s day to you and your mom!

    as for me, knock on wood, i do not get sick, and i have my mom with me (for 24 years now), and i thanks God for these!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Chat. I don’t have a mom to greet a Happy Mother’s day and during those days, there was no such celebration pa. Hugs to your lovely mom.

  4. chat,

    even though my mother is dead already, i still miss her especially during times of sickness. napaluha mo ako.

    happy mother’s day!

  5. This is beautifully written! It made me miss my mother also! That is really true! Mothers are really good when it comes to giving TLC.

  6. This is such a sweet post. So true, so who would a mother turn to when she is sad? Her own mother!

    Tamang-tama sa tag na ginawa ko though I didn’t tag anyone to do it.

    Hope to see you soon Chateau 🙂

  7. very simple yet heavy with unconditional love. from the very first line, i know i am in for something beyond emotional tuggings but a treat on those who just love to read.

    wonderful & true. i miss my mom also. i am thousands of miles away and everytime i make my phone calls to her, it just makes me cry.

    thnak you.

  8. ay chats,
    i know what you mean about being sick, as a mom.
    life really does not stop for mothers does it?
    you can’t really call off.
    and yes, one never really gets over wanting mom when one is sick.
    nice post,
    and hope you had a good day.

  9. Chats, very nice post, same sentiments here. Hirap talaga pag ang mommy ang me sakit noh. I’m sure even when you’re sick, you’re still thinking of your family, and all the house chores. Very apt saten yung ad, bawal magkasakit. Segue ako, hope you’ll get to see your beautiful mom soon. Btw, thanks a lot for welcoming us in your home. Thanks also to your very accommodating hubby and lovely kids.

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