A Letter to the Computer Addict

The other day I received a letter from my two girls. “Dear Computer Addict”, it began.

The letter, written in 3 pages torn out of a small notebook and folded into a roughly done envelop, read:

letter to a computer addict from kids

Dear Computer Addict,
This is a complain(t) from two sisters. The complain(t) is that you spend more time with that computer than with us. You’ve been like that since you discovered blogging and addicting websites. Please (we) hope that you realize that. There are more things written on the other paper (blue).
Maybe you’ll be like that for our 5-day long vacation.

Our recommendations are…

– You should do more exercise

-Do some bonding time with us. (At least today you treat us – go shopping for a book, eat out, or something you prefer to do [with] us.)

-Read more (?)

-Stop blogging for at least 1 (or is that 7?) day.

Encircle the answer: yes, no

Wala na akong nasabi. I had to log off, and keep off the PC ’til the following day. (Unknown to them, I was still phPlurking. *evil laugh* )

22 thoughts on “A Letter to the Computer Addict

  1. aww…guilty ka!!? touched naman ako sa letter. where do you plurk ba? why don’t you have them in the room with you para di sila magselos.

  2. You’re so funny…lol. I hope you won’t get caught phPlurking one of these days. I have to admit, I am also addicted to blogging and other blog things.

  3. My gawd! Daig mo pa ang namemohan ng Personnel Director haha!

    Naaliw ako sa yes or no haha! Wala man lang option na “maybe” haha!

    Ingat Chats! Baka one of these days mahuli kam kakaPlurk, grounded ka sige!

  4. Hi Julie! mana ba sa akin? Si patch ang composer/pasimuno nyan. hehe

    Cookie, guilty talaga ako. The PC is in another room. We don’t have wi-fi so i’m usually in the PC room for long periods when I’m working (kuno!).

  5. I’m so impressed and amused the way they wrote those letters. Nakakatuwa ang girls mo. Priceless yan. I hope you keep them.

    I love the encircle part. Parang naging seatwork or exam sa school.

  6. Aha … how perfect for “bringing up mom.”

    That is something my own daughters could have done too. So galing are they in showing me up.

    Congrats to your daughters. Tell them I love em. Everyone should have a daughter or two like that for their own good. haha

  7. Hi Chats, natawa naman ako sa letter nila. At the same time, nakaka-guilty din noh. Hay, my kids naman would always tell me blog ka ng blog di na kami makalaro sa computer…he he he.

  8. kung pwede lang siguro magsulat si bubba, ganyan din sasabihin niya sa akin! sometimes i feel so guilty when he makes siksik under my computer chair just so he’s near me. before i got hooked on plurking and stuff we’d always have play time! kung sana lang maturuan ko din siya mag blog hehehe!!!

  9. hala sisi! this is so funny! i can imagine the girls brainstorming while making those letters! hahaha! im sure now FT naman ang reklamo sayo.. hmmp be ready for your next memo sis!! hehe

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