A Day in iMoM’s Life

Typical Saturday

Before I went to bed on Friday night (or was it while I was rocking Mag to sleep early Saturday morning?), I did a mental to-do list.
Upon waking up (it’s been unpredictable, depending on MagNate’s sked. Today we were up at 4am. I caught some Zs while ate J took care of Mag): endorse Mag to ate J, my trusty house help for the past 4 years.
8am: Wake up VGood (daughter no. 2) and get her to eat breakfast (puh-leaase!).
9am: Bring VGood to Chinese tutorials. And while she’s there-
-Run to the bookstore to buy some supplies for the kids and for my office.
-If there’s time, stop by the grocery to buy… er… stuff (Is grocering therapeutic for moms?)
11am: Bring VGood home.
After lunch: Take Patch (daughter no.1 ) to the mall to buy PJs.. I figured Iā€™d have time to do that today. She’s been complaining to me that her PJs are too small already (Wow! She’s growing!).
Around 3pm: Bring the girls to my sister’s house to watch High School Musical with their cousins. While they’re there:
-AteJ and I shall pack some stuff (since we’re moving), and finally start transporting some boxes to the new house.
6pm: Fetch the girls (or hopefully my sister will have them brought home).
6:30pm: Take care of Mag while ate J cooks dinner.
7pm: Go fetch hubby from the airport. (Sometimes I wish I could teach ateJ how to drive.)
Hopefully at this point, hubby will take the wheel and my shift ends.
That’s how I planned today.
But life, especially a mom’s, is full of surprises.

Typical Day Not!
On the way to VGood’s tutor, as I was approaching an intersection along T. Morato Street, I saw a taxi that seemed to be turning left towards where I was going. It appeared to stop, so I proceeded. Wham! The $t%&*d taxi driver decided last minute to turn just as I go past him. His taxi hits my car’s passenger door and fender on the driver’s side, where my dear daughter VGood was sitting! Thank goodness, we always wear seatbelts.. VGood was fine.
But now we had to proceed to a police station to file for a police report that I’ll need to claim insurance.
To cut it short, VGood and I spent the next 4 hours sitting and waiting in a stuffy police station, where the only one who had the privilege of using the sole electric fan in the room was the investigator!

There Goes My Day
I ended up not being able to do half of my schedule. But that’s okay. Things like these add spice to a mom’s life! Today I experienced running across EDSA hand in hand with VGood to use the public toilet under the Kamuning Flyover! (We were told that the toilet in the police station was “unavailable”. Must have meant “extremely disgusting”, but I did not want to find out for myself!)
Hubby did arrive on schedule. And he did take the wheel on the way home. But my shift did not end just yet. Mag missed iMom and is eagerly waiting for her!

2 thoughts on “A Day in iMoM’s Life

  1. I enjoyed reading your current posts so I thought, might as well read the older ones. šŸ™‚

    That was a very eventful day. It was a relief that nothing serious happened esp. to your daughter. Sometimes, even though we are careful, the other careless drivers can disrupt the balance.

    My son has a car seat to keep him safely buckled all the time. I guess it’s always advisable to be on the safe side.


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