A Beautiful Day Everyday in 2010

Belle de jour!

A Beautiful day!

It’s what we all want, right? And what if you can have a beautiful day every single day in 2010? Is that even possible? Well, yes – in a perfect world.

So there’s the second best option – having a Belle de Jour Power Planner!

I am such a planner-girl. Though mobile phones come equipped with calendars, I just have to buy a planner every year. It’s the old-school in me I guess. I still enjoy writing down my plans and schedule for the year. In the past years, I’ve been using the simple, minimalistic planners.

But in 2010, I wanna go all fab and gurly! I want a Belle de Jour Planner. So I am joining this contest by Kikay Corner that’s giving away a BDJ. Wish me luck, friends. I really want a BDJ. 😀

Isn't it pretty???


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