Parker – before and after

My bunso, Parker, has grown in leaps and bounds in the past months. We got him in March when he was just almost 3 months old – cute and cuddly. Today, he is a few days over 9 months. Still cuddly, but no longer cute. He is BIIIIIIIG! I thought I’d share this before and … Continue reading Parker – before and after

How to housebreak dogs | Living with Parker

When the idea of getting a dog was first brought up by Hub… I notice it’s always Hub who comes up with these pet ideas… When he first brought up the pet-dog idea, I was the least enthusiastic. I told him and the kids many times over that if we were to get a dog, … Continue reading How to housebreak dogs | Living with Parker

Meet Parker, our Golden Retriever

It’s summer break for my kids. And so after weeks of scouting/scouring the pet hubs around Metro Manila, of debating and discussing, and of going back and forth shops, we finally decided. We’re right on target, actually, because hub wanted the kids to be occupied all summer. Training a new puppy will surely keep our … Continue reading Meet Parker, our Golden Retriever

The Yayaless Life – helpless but not hopeless

Hellooooooooo! (Image source: nolnet on Flickr) My last blog entry was four months ago! I had planned on blogging more during my kids’ school break (May to July). But our helper, ate J, went home in early June for her mother’s funeral. Guess what? She hasn’t come back. And isn’t coming back, I think. (Not … Continue reading The Yayaless Life – helpless but not hopeless

Raising Digital Natives

I contributed this article to my kids’ school paper last school year. The editor asked me to write about parenting… Eh I am not a parenting expert, that’s for sure. And parenting is such a vast and sometimes subjective topic, because “to each his own”. It’s not easy to write about parenting and not sound … Continue reading Raising Digital Natives