2016 Planner | Mom 24/7 by Mommy Mundo

I’m a planner kind of person – planners that you actually scribble notes on ha, not the digital ones that come installed with phones. For my 2016 planner, I am super excited to have the Mom 24/7 Planner from Mommy Mundo!

My planner in 2015 and the year(s) prior were all of the generic kind from National Bookstore. With the surge of planners into the market in recent years (hello, Starbucks planners, Moleskine planners, etc), I feel that planner designers seem to have overdone it by putting in so many features and sections. I like my planners simple and straightforward, but not too generic looking. This year, I bought this red planner that has lots of space for writing stuff.

planner 2015

January 2015 planner

Then a planner comes along, and I find that I will be able to actually use all of its features and sections. That is the Mom 24/7 Planner, my 2016 planner. It’s what need to plan my year and organize the family’s day to day events.

mom 247 2016 planner

I am in love with the colors and geometric prints of the cover.

First step in planning is always to get an overview of what is going to happen. I like that there is a one-page monthly check list at the beginning of each month. I am going to write all monthly to-dos here (such as monthly bills), as well as month-to-month goals (such as a monthly blog post calendar, perhaps). This is a nifty way of tracking things at one glance and making sure nothing is missed.

mom 247 planner 2016 monthly checklist

As a mom, I not only plan for myself. My three kids have lives too, apparently! In fact, majority of my schedule revolves around them. So the sections that deliberately separate mom’s schedule from kids’ is so helpful in keeping tabs on what’s going on.

mom 247 2016 planner moms kids schedule

There’s space for three kids, so it is perfect for me!

See that “#MindfulMom Moment” section at the bottom of the pic above? This section poses one question each week, reminding mom to take a mindful moment to reflect on the small things that matter. 🙂 I like this feature.

Other features of the Mom 24/7 2016 Planner:

  • Menu Maker

menu maker mom 247 2016 planner

On a side note, I plan our menu at home by creating 3 to 4 week cycles. That way, it really is just the same food over and over. Teehee. Only, I sneakily jumble the recipe skeds around. The Mom 24/7 Menu Maker can be used as a template to make menu cycles.

  • Grocery List

grocery list mom 247 2016 planner

  • Child Information Sheet and Immunization Record for up to three kids

child info sheet mom 247 2016 planner

immunization record mom 247 2016 planner

Other sections include: Travel Planner, Party Planner, Menstrual Tracker, and Household Staff File. Of course, the Mom 24/7 Planner always comes with useful discount coupons.

The Mom 24/7 2016 Planner is now available at selected Fully Booked branches, at can be ordered online at the Mommy Mundo Online Shop. It retails at Php425.00.

Get yours now, so we can all look forward to a better 2016, one that’s more organized, and more mindful. 🙂

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