In the (Lunch) Box – Part 3

Today my hub and kids had to bring different lunches to school. Patch, who is still nursing a little bit of pain from her braces adjustment last Saturday, wanted something soft and easy.

Patch had pasta onion soup (center) with some focaccia (left) for dipping. I bought focaccia yesterday at Italianni’s-Gateway.

VGood (oh please be good!) doesn’t want soup, so she got Ate Jo (thank God for her) to cook fried chicken. We always shred (“himay”) V’s food already, especially when it’s chicken or pork, so she doesn’t have to wrestle with her lunch.

Hub, who doesn’t like fried food for baon, had sauted veggies and pork. No pics of his lunchbox, because he left too early and hurriedly.

So there, three different lunches for all of them. Parang umaga palang, ngarag na si Ate Jo, no? 😀

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14 thoughts on “In the (Lunch) Box – Part 3

  1. wow imom, napaka-versatile ng umaga nyo sa kusina 🙂 different strokes for differents folks 🙂

    husband and i rarely have the same lunch because of different preferences (i sometimes bring rice lunches at work while he doesn’t). but i’d rather prepare different lunches kesa naman hindi kainin.

    happy tuesday!! 🙂

  2. gusto ko yang pasta soup ni patch! pero gusto ko ipartner sa fried chicken ni v! LOL!

    failed to make my entry today. my big boy skipped school because of flu. 🙁

  3. Hi Cess! Simple lang – saute garlic, lots of onions and carrots. Add pasta, water and chicken cubes. Yun na! Actually, direktor lang ako dito, si ate Jo ang tunay na executive producer, ehehe.

  4. Hi Julie! Corek, she gives in esp. to Vera para lang siguradong she will eat her lunch… I love her, but sometimes she spoils my kids too much.

  5. Hi Ibyang! Just that tuesday morning, not everyday, otherwise maloloka ang cook at direktor, hehe. I agree with your last statement – kesa hindi kainin, cook nalang something they will eat.


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