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Happy home with Samsung washing machines

Last week, I got invited to a small gathering of mommy bloggers by Samsung where the company introduced its latest fully automatic washing machines.

Samsung's new line of fully automatic washing machines

Samsung’s new line of fully automatic washing machines

My current washing machine is approaching it’s 10th birthday, and according to the Samsung brand manager, the average Filipino household buys a new washing machine once every 10 to 11 years. I agree, because the one I have now is showing signs of retirement soon. So if you’re like me who is in the market for a new washing machine, read up! Read the rest of this entry…

The Ultimate Sunday Brunch at The Peninsula Manila (Part 2)

My friend, Cristina, invited me to The Peninsula Manila’s Ultimate Sunday Champagne Brunch last week. The Ultimate Brunch is a crossover of Escolta’s international fare and Spices’ Asian flavors. This is the continuation of Part 1, where I featured Escolta.


I love the relaxed Balinese inspired interiors of Spices. Every Sunday, Spices sets up a buffet spread of Thai, Indian and other Southeast Asian favorites as part of the Ultimate Sunday Brunch. This is good reason for vegetarians to rejoice, since Spices has several vegetarian dishes.

Spices dining area


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The Ultimate Sunday Brunch at The Peninsula Manila (Part 1)

It’s been a while since I’ve had hotel buffet with my family. We’ve been deliberately avoiding buffets, actually. Whenever I attempt to talk husband into it, he’d ask me one question: do we need to gain weight? Okay, end of discussion.

But my friends… Well, my friends are another story. Julia Childs said “People who love to eat are always the best people.” I am attracted to those kinds of people!

One of my friends who works at The Peninsula Manila invited me to the hotel’s Ultimate Champagne Sunday Brunch. What’s a blogger to do but graciously accept such invites? It’s only for work, I assure husband. And I’ll skip the champagne. :P

The Manila Peninsula’s Ultimate Champagne Sunday Brunch is a cross-over buffet between Escolta‘s international fare and Spices‘ Asian flavors.

Peninsula Manila Escolta Spices Buffet

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Beware – pickpocket at St Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City

Sometimes life lets things happen when we least expect it and we are caught unprepared. That’s just what happened to my daughter (and me!) yesterday.

St Luke's Hospital pickpocket woman

The pickpocket woman as she exits MAB through the “outback” door. Click photo to enlarge.

I am almost paranoid when it comes to the safety of my kids. I am pretty sure I annoy them with my incessant reminders to be careful whenever we are out.

“Remember, these bad people do not have other jobs. They wake up in the morning and have nothing else in mind: who to prey on. That’s their job. They mix among us, unnoticed, like normal people. But they are always on the lookout kung sino’ng bibktimahin nila. Kids like you are their targets, because they see you’re preoccupied, unaware, texting, selfie-ing, careless… blah blah blah blah…”

I go on and on and on. Every single time we are out. Imagine how annoying that is. Sometimes I omit the monologue, and throw them my big-eyes look instead when I see a phone peeping out of a pocket. Yesterday was quite a toxic day, with lots to do, and lots of concerns bugging my mind. We were at the hospital after school for P’s clearance with the pediatric cardiologist. (Are you thinking, “So when do we get to the part of the magnanakaw?” Wait lang, some quick background muna… ) Read the rest of this entry…

Sam Concepcion is the new face of Chef’s Noodle

Earlier this April, I went to the press launch and contract signing of Sam Concepcion as the newest endorser of Chef’s Noodle, a Korean fast food brand from Seoul. Chef’s Noodle offers authentic Korean dishes created by the Korean celebrity chef Choi In Sun.

Weeks prior to attending the press launch, my daughter and I had lunch at the Robinsons Magnolia branch (because we are frequently in the area). Only recently have I developed my taste for Korean food, and Chef’s Noodle’s Jjampong (spicy seafood noodles, Php195) and Kimchi Kimbap (nori rice rolls with kimchi, ham, cucumber and egg, great value at Php95) did not disappoint. The daughter enjoys spicy food so, yes, Korean is a hit with her. The servings were big enough for two, thus their tagline “Good to share”. Value for money – check! Read the rest of this entry…