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K5 Learning for online Reading and Math tutorials

I got an email recently from K5 Learning, a Canada-based online learning site. K5 Learning has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students. They offered me (well, my son) a 6 week free trial to test and write a review of their program.  I found it a good opportunity for Nate, since it’s summer vacation and the extra learning will definitely go a long way when he goes back to school in June.

If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their  open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.

I will be back after 6 weeks with my review of the program.

Learn Chinese the fun way at Dash Summer Fun

I know we’re all enjoying the relatively cooler weather the past days, thanks to the polar vortex sending cold winds all over the world. Am sure we’re all wishing for the cold days to last a lot longer. But, most especially in the Philippines, summer is inevitable. Sorry to burst your bubble! Hehe.

So, it isn’t too early to plan for your kids’ summer activities, correct?

If you live in the New Manila, San Juan or Pasig areas, and want your kids to learn Chinese the fun way, enroll them at Dash Summer Fun.

Since 2009, Dash has been offering the Summer Fun program to kids ages 2 to 12. And year after year, the kids come back because they probably enjoy it. Maybe it doesn’t feel like school at all. Read the rest of this entry…

Hello, Christmas! Hello, chocolatier Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake!

Hi everyone! So. Where did the days go? I wake up and it’s December!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I thought I was early this year, having accomplished 2/3 of my Christmas list by November. And then I stalled. So here I am, two weeks before Christmas, with the rest of the list still unfinished. Bummer.

As for the Christmas menu, my side of the family usually has one big Christmas Eve dinner. I leave most of the planning to my able sisters – thank God for them. Each of us get assignments. This year I’d be lucky if I get assigned the dessert.

Why? Because Red Ribbon has created a better, chocolatier Black Forest Cake. The all-time favorite now has more chocolate shavings, creamier chocolate filling, and chocolatier cake. It’s going to be heaven for chocolate lovers like me. The Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake will make the Noche Buena spread even more delightful. Read the rest of this entry…

Banana Peel Flip Flops

I remember buying my first pair of Banana Peel flip flops many years ago at a department store. Back then, Banana Peel was a new brand, with simple designs. What I liked (and made me buy) were the cute prints and vibrant colors that set Banana Peel apart from the rest of the others on the tsinelas rack.

Fast forward to today, Banana Peel is a proud Philippine brand that is quickly capturing the market with its trendy and chic designs. Banana Peel now has a full line for women, men and kids.

The nice folks at Banana Peel recently sent some love my way. The kids and I were happy with our new pairs of Banana Peels.

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Coping with skin asthma


Sometimes, I think I’d put a sandwich sign around my son’s neck. It will read:

I have skin asthma.

No, not contagious.

Yes, very itchy. And painful.

Yes, I have meds. Lotions too.

And creams. And ointments.

And salts in my bath.

Nope – chips, candies and Coke not allowed.

Yes, a little compassion please.

He’s been getting really bad flareups lately. And things get very frustrating at times. Today, he is absent in school again because the skin on his neck is oozing, and just turning his head is painful.

I really did not need to see the horrified look on that mommy’s face in school when she saw his neck yesterday. Pfffft. Or hear from Nate that some classmates think he looks like a zombie. (That’s rude, kids. But, oh well…)

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